Mindless Behavior

Jackson festivities kick off; fans from around the world expected

nwitimes.com | Thu, 28 Aug 2014 16:13:50 -0700

Headlining the festival are performers boy group Mindless Behavior and OMG Girlz. The festival features a dual stage performances with the main stage on the Roosevelt High School football field, which will be surrounded by local and Chicagoland vendors.


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Mindful eating and good sleep important to weight loss

Wisconsin Rapids Tribune | Mon, 22 Sep 2014 02:00:00 -0700

So what is mindful (vs. mindless) eating? And what is sleep hygiene? Mindful eating at its core is a philosophy about eating that says eating, as a behavior, does not have to be assumed, automatic, spontaneous or thoughtless and that we can alter how ...

Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

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9 ways to lose weight by rearranging your kitchen

9NEWS.com | Sun, 21 Sep 2014 11:22:30 -0700

"It's easier to become slim by design than slim by willpower," says Brian Wansink, director of Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab and author of a new book, Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life (slimbydesign.org). He also ...


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Tasty ideas for pineapple

Santa Rosa Press Democrat | Sat, 20 Sep 2014 23:22:30 -0700

It's better to be a mindful eater than a mindless shopper. Personally, I don't eat out-of-season fruits and vegetables from the southern hemisphere, partly because they don't taste very good and partly because I don't want watermelon or apricots in ...

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